Why Choose Us

The Duston Teaching School Alliance has a strong record of developing teaching staff from the recruitment of high quality graduates and supporting them in obtaining QTS.

We work with high quality accreditors, e-Qualitas to deliver the School Direct and School Direct (salaried) training programmes.

The school will provide you with a complete programme of training centred on classroom based practice, but supported by high-quality theoretical sessions to support your development on your route to achieving Qualified Teacher Status.

We will support you through-

  • Weekly observations with detailed feedback to support your progress against the Teachers’ Standards
  • 5 weekly reviews to ensure you receive the support and training required
  • A dedicated Subject-based Mentor
  • An in-school Lead Tutor to have an overview of your progress
  • 6 external training courses based in London
  • A full programme of weekly CPD opportunities to support your development
  • A Professional Coach to add additional classroom support linked to key areas
  • Opportunities throughout the programme to observe good and outstanding teaching from a range of subjects
  • 4 Quality Assurance visits from e-Qualitas
  • A final assessment and verification

The table below provides evidence of our track record linked to outcomes and retention of trainee staff against national figures available.

E-Qualitas is our training provider, based in London and rated Ofsted Good. We have worked with e-Qualitas over the last 6 years, building an excellent programme of training, including-

  • Training Module 1A: Lesson planning - How to plan lessons well, including choosing the most appropriate teaching and learning strategies.
  • Training Module 1B: Behaviour - How to manage pupils during lessons and motivating them towards learning.
  • Training Module 1C: Assessment - How to assess pupils' learning in each subject and use assessment information when planning and teaching lessons.
  • Training Module 2: Meeting needs of different groups of pupils - How to ensure that all groups of pupils do as well as possible eg those who speak English as an additional language, high attaining pupils, those with special educational needs.
  • Training Module 3: The wider context of teaching and learning in schools today - Barriers to learning including why some pupils do not do as well as they should, and how teachers can make a difference to this.
  • Training Module 4: Subject teaching - Bringing everything together, how to teach really effectively. This builds on all the earlier training in how to teach effectively, and involves an in-depth study of an aspect of subject teaching.
  • There are three formal assignments:
    1. an optional action research study of an aspect of teaching/learning (linked to Training Module 1)
    2. an essay exploring aspects of meeting the needs of different groups of pupils (linked to Training Module 2), and a subject-related essay (linked to Training Module 4)
    3. If you wish, you may also register for a postgraduate qualification with Edge Hill University, linked to the eQ course.

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