Why Choose Us

The Duston Teaching School Alliance is committed to being actively involved with research and development. 
We recognise the value this has on our current and developing practices across the alliance, and actively seek ways to engage further, to measure impact of new strategies to ensure improvements across the alliance and beyond. 

As an alliance, we are currently taking part in the below research projects- 

National Research – 
University of Bristol – Teacher Observation Project (Maths and English) – 2 years

Regional Research – 
Active participation in the Northamptonshire Race to the Top programme focusing on raising the attainment in the county.

Alliance Research
Action Based Research completed as part of Masters Credit modules 
Initial Teacher Training - Subject Knowledge research 
Initial Teacher Training - Personalised Learning research 
TDTSA Bright Sparks Programme – Raising KS5 Attainment

Latest Courses

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To introduce the new Interim Teacher...