Why Choose Us

The Duston Teaching School Alliance recognises the importance that Leadership Development programmes play in the growth and sustained success of any school.

Growing talent and planning for succession is a key element of improvement over time to ensure that all learners can achieve outstanding outcomes.

Leadership programmes enable both current and emerging leaders to develop the key skills needed to ensure that they are confident in their leadership role, regardless of their level or experience.

Improvement Through Collaboration

Our overall aim is to provide outstanding learning opportunities for leaders at all levels offering both accredited and developmental programmes to meet the needs of all schools. Programmes can be delivered to a single school or with a group of schools to support improvement through collaboration and shared experiences.

The Duston Teaching School Alliance currently offers the following leadership programmes-

  1. Level 1 – NPQML accredited and delivered with Teaching Leaders

  2. Middle Leader Development – a non-accredited programme to support those with emerging leadership skills or those new to the role

Latest Courses

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To introduce the new Interim Teacher...