Why Choose Us

Teaching Schools are part of the government’s drive to give schools more freedom and to enable head teachers to take increasing responsibility for managing the education system. The Government White Paper; The Importance of Teaching (2010) stated that the aim was to “develop a national network of Teaching Schools on the model of teaching hospitals to lead the training and professional development of teachers and head teachers, and increase the number of National and Local Leaders of Education – head teachers of excellent schools who commit to working to support other schools”.

The National College has identified six priority areas for Teaching Schools (The Big Six):

  1. School to School support
  2. Initial Teacher Training
  3. CPD and Leadership Development
  4. Research and Development
  5. SLE designation and Brokerage
  6. Succession Planning / Talent Management

Improvement Through Collaboration

Our overall aim is to ensure outstanding learning opportunities for all students within our alliance and beyond, in order to enhance life chances. Our vision is that by bringing together the strengths of all The Duston Teaching School Alliance partners we have a unique opportunity to develop a sustainable culture of aspiration, collaboration and excellence.

As a team we look forward to working with schools and organisations over the coming years and please let us know of any ideas, comments or feedback on what we are doing, as always in teaching we are always looking to improve things! Please feel free to offer any suggestions through the web-based enquiry form. We are developing strategic leads across all key areas to ensure that we offer consistent and high quality support across the Alliance and beyond.

Further information on the work we are doing and the support we can offer can be found on the specific sections of the website.

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