Skills Test

All trainee teachers are required to pass skills tests in numeracy and literacy before they can be recommended for the award of qualified teacher status (QTS).

Applicants to initial teacher training (ITT) which start after 1 July 2015 are strongly advised to take the professional skills tests as soon as possible after submitting an application for ITT and ideally before the interview stage. This is to allow training providers to use the results to help inform their decisions.

Please remember that you cannot start a school direct training place unless you have passed both the numeracy and literacy on line tests.

The numeracy and literacy skills tests:

  1. cover the core skills that teachers need to fulfil their professional role in schools, rather than the subject knowledge required for teaching. This is to ensure all teachers are competent in numeracy and literacy, regardless of their specialism;

  2. do not replace the GCSE grade C equivalence entry requirement;

  3. are computerised and can be taken at any of approximately 150 test centres throughout the UK.

Please note:

  1. The number of resits allowed will be limited to two per subject which came into effect from 1 September 2012. This applies to all skills test candidates. Previous unsuccessful attempts by existing trainees will not count towards this limit; any test taken from 1 September 2012 counts as their first attempt.

  2. Candidates who fail after two resits in either numeracy or literacy will not be able to book any more skills tests, in either subject, for 24 months from the date of the second resit. This gives candidates a reasonable time during which they can become proficient at the skills assessed in the tests before further retakes.

  3. Skills tests candidates will receive their first attempt at each test free of charge but will be charged for resits. The charge for resits is £19.25 per test and will be levied at the time of booking a test online.

  4. Click here for latest information on the numeracy and literacy skills tests.

  5. You should practise your tests in preparation - please see the links below.

Practice Literacy Tests And Practice Numeracy Tests

Applicants for ITT courses from the 2015/16 academic cohort should Register now for the on-line Literacy and Numeracy Tests

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