school-to-school support

The Duston Teaching School Alliance has an unrivalled team of highly qualified experts to supply you with the support you are looking for. 
' of the most powerful ways of achieving improvement is through collaboration, with the best schools, settings and leaders supporting those that are more challenged. But it's not just the school or centre receiving support that improves – providing support gives even the most accomplished teachers and leaders an opportunity to gain new ideas and improve their own practice.' (DfE, 2012)

Teaching schools are expected to provide school-to-school support to:

  1. Undertake an audit of school improvement need in the local area.

  2. Effectively draw on capacity from across its strategic partners to undertake school-to-school support.

  3. Lead the management and co-ordination of school-to-school support through identification of individuals with management responsibilities for negotiating contracts and undertaking due diligence and quality assurance activities.

  4. Provide an appropriate range of support across the spectrum of schools, particularly those in challenging circumstances.

  5. Evidence positive impact of support through raising standards or by bringing about the school improvement that is reflected in Ofsted judgements.

  6. Extend the reach and spectrum of leaders and staff involved in the delivery of school-to-school support within, and across, the alliance to best meet the needs of the locality.


As a Teaching School Alliance, The Duston Teaching School will be offering the services of its SLEs to others schools within a support capacity linked to their specialist areas. To ensure that base schools for the SLEs are reimbursed appropriately, cost agreements need to be in place.

In addition to SLEs, TDTSA may ask for other leaders or specialists to support schools, in this case a scale of costs should be used as below.

Scale of costs:

There are no guidelines regarding how the base school payments are used and this is at the discretion of the school. Some schools offer a payment to the SLE or NLE to reimburse them for their time and to acknowledge their specialist role.


Each SLE or visiting staff member should complete relevant paperwork linked to the work they are completing. Prior to the visit / support offered, SLEs will complete a plan (attached) which is confirmed by the SLE, Teaching School and the School requesting support. Following the visit, a report of the visit needs to be completed to ensure impact against planned outcomes. The schools will also be requested to complete an evaluation form.


To ensure that all SLEs are confident with their roles and the expectations for the support offered, a training session will be taking place on Thursday 29th January where hard and electronic coipies of all paperwork will be issued.

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