The Prince's Teaching Institute

The Prince’s Teaching Institute is offering subject specific course for only £200 for six Saturdays, spaced throughout the year.

A travel bursary available for all participants.

The Prince's Teaching Institute is offering New Teacher Subject Days which are specifically designed for new teachers, providing them with guidance on teaching strategies, access to a wealth of subject-based resources, and contact with some of the latest academic thinking in their subject.

This course of six Saturdays is open to school-based Teacher Trainees, NQTs and second and third year teachers.

The days focus is on making new leaders effective by offering subject-specific teaching strategies, helping participants gain confidence in their teaching, and providing the opportunity for new teachers to establish new networks of support.

  1. The courses consist of six days during the 2014/15 academic year. Please note that partial attendance is NOT permissible. See 2014/15 Course Information for the dates of all of the courses and further detailed course information by subject.

  2. The courses run from 10.00am to 4.00pm in order to allow participants from a wide area to participate.

  3. Course participants are eligible to earn 30 masters’ credits from the University of Warwick via their Prince’s Teaching Institute PG Award.

  4. Assuming a participant’s full attendance of the course, the PTI will pay the participants’ school a travel bursary to subsidise travel costs to the events on successful completion of the course. The value of this bursary will vary based on the region that the participant’s school is located and the venue of the courses.

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