Middle Leader Development

What is it?

Our Middle Leader Development course is part of our developing Leadership Academy suite of internal programmes. The course has been written and is delivered by members of The Duston Teaching School Alliance with successful backgrounds in both Middle and Senior Leadership.

The course is designed for new and emergent Middle Leaders to enable them to develop the skills needed to support your school and show an impact of these skills in their own Leadership Project. The course is a mixture of leadership theory and practice with the opportunity to collaborate and network with other leaders to further develop their practice.


We are able to tailor the course to the needs of the school or schools taking part, enabling content to be adapted to ensure the programme covers key leadership development, but also meets the needs of your individual school, including specific systems and structures. We welcome the opportunity of adapting material through collaboration and consultation, along with extending this to enable schools to join us in delivery to further develop Senior Leaders in the school.

Aims and Outcomes

The aim of the Middle Leader Development course is to support, develop and challenge participants to lead improvements in your school. We ensure each participant has a measurable impact in their school through the use of their Leadership Project which they will be supported to plan and execute. Leadership Projects are designed to

  1. Support improvements in school results
  2. Increase teacher quality
  3. Enhance leadership and management skills

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